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FAQ / Comment Section

Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: You can buy our products @ - or you can search for "cauden" on


Q: How much does your product cost?

A: Our product costs USD 50 (free worldwide shipping included)


Q: Where are they delivered from?

A: They are all express mailed from South Korea - which will take from a week to two


Q: Why should I buy your product?

A: Our moneyclip weights little, and is quite possibly the most minimal way of carrying your wallet

A: We can say with complete confidence that our quality is exceptionally high


Q: Will you really repair the product at free of charge?

A: Yes, we will always do our best to do so - unless the damage was intentionally caused and or are from years of usage


Q: Do you have any other products for sale?

A: Yes we are continually working on accessories of exceptional quality - another one should be ready by December 2016


Q: How can I get in contact with your company?

A: We're available through emails, phone calls and the message system below!


Thank you so much very!

Please reach out to us at any time you wish!



Thank you




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